First things first…

14th December 2018

Greetings. If you have stumbled upon this blog, maybe you are already a budding entrepreneur, business owner or maybe you are someone like I was once upon a time, someone that simply has a burning desire to go it alone, become self employed and run your very own business (more about my own business another time).

Let me start by introducing myself, by name is Ben, I am 38, I have a wife, two children… oh, and I own my very own business which I have been responsible for since August 2017. Life before being self employed was an awful lot more simple than the one I have today. In my previous life, I had a respectable job (of nearly 21 years) within the legal district of London, a set date every month when my salary reached my bank account and I had free time during my evenings and weekends, yet it was awful because I didn’t enjoy the job. I have always been, which some of my family and friends would regard me, as a “day dreamer” with my head in the clouds.

In spite of having a career for over two decades, I never ever felt like it was right for me. For as long as I can remember, my Dad has always said to me “it’s not work, if you enjoy it” which is something that is very true and I have never forgotten what he told me. To get up every day and earn a living from something which you enjoy must surely carry a lot of weight when it comes to personal contentment, happiness and wellbeing. I like to think I am humble yet I firmly believe that I know best and although I will try my best to listen to others, ultimately I will probably disagree with you and end up doing what I think is best. I may from time to time action some advice from others but it will always have my strong signature. “They” call me stubborn, I call me focused. “They” call it arrogance, I call it self belief. I have learned that there is a very fine line between arrogance and self belief and the trick with finding that line is… only you know inside your own head what you are capable of, therefore no one will ever understand if you are truly arrogant or not, ergo “f*ck em” and what they think, carry on regardless if you believe in yourself.

Tony Robbins tells us that people have a knack of over estimating what they can do in a few years, yet underestimate what is possible beyond that. This sentence is my new mantra. My previous mantra was “don’t dream it, do it”, which I took from “Top Marques” by the way, a luxury used car publication I loved when I was a child (I am happy to confirm that my reading material has moved on from pretty pictures of cars. To me, the thought of having to wait years upon years to achieve what I feel is possible for myself really fills me with disappointment like you wouldn’t believe. 

Possibly the most annoying phrase ever uttered to me is, “patience is a virtue”… no it isn’t, its very boring, very annoying and again, so disappointing. Patience however is necessary particularly with running a business that you believe in. I think that there is no such thing as an overnight success and you should too! No one has achieved success overnight. Everyone has done something in order to get where they are and that even applies to the silver spooned among us. You may be born in to wealth, you may inherit wealth but you still have to do something to achieve success, right? Modern society will have you looking and longing for that flash car, nice watch or posh house you have seen on Instagram but the architects of the pictures showcasing the lives we secretly crave didn’t get those lives “overnight”. The life of a business owner that wants the best from what he does or the entrepreneur that is pushing to change the game is an awfully lonely one and it is not glamorous like many of the social media platforms would have you believe.

I am not going to pretend that I know everything because I appreciate that I am very new to “the game” myself but, the whole idea behind this blog was for me to share with you those little but important things I wish I’d have known from day one….

So far for me, running my first business has taken a lot of blood, sweat and beers (hence the name of this site).

Top Tip Number 1 (I am intending to give a #TopTip at the end of each post). Running your own business is obviously not without its challenges however, if you are up for it, if you finally take the plunge, you will wish you had started the day before. The Chinese have a saying “The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today!” 

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